The studio is not big enough to accommodate an acoustic drum kit. It might be possible to set up a limited electronic kit. 
I have done that before, and providing the kit emits a recordable midi signal, the recording can be made to sound as if it was played on a £5.000 Pearl drum kit!
If you require a drum machine track, please let me know in advance, so that we can discuss its structure.
Depending on how complicated or straightforward it is, I may need some detailed instructions in order to set this up before the session.
Typical information required would be
* the style of music and therefore the rhythm
* the tempo ( i.e. beats per minute) (bpm)
* the song structure (number of bars in the intro, verse 1,              chorus 1, verse 2, bridge etc)

If your song is a cover of a well known track, an internet link to the original may help.
Listen to some tracks recorded in the studio with a drum machine.........

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